From the President, Arnold King

The pandemic problems will probably continue for the near future. However, we will soon begin planning for a real face-to-face annual board meeting. Our meeting will once again be held concurrently with the annual meeting of the SWCS. The meetings will be held at Denver, CO early next summer. The Colorado folks are active, strong supporters of ARCSE, and we can look forward to a well-attended board meeting along with a great luncheon.

During the last two years we have been able to fill key positions on the board that will provide stability for the next several years. Presidents come and go like DCs, but the support staff does the real work. And we now have a tremendous, energetic support staff. We can expect to see some needed changes and modernization of our association.

We also have a new NRCS Chief, Terry Cosby, and a new Under Secretary, Homer Wilkes, both of whom are career NRCS employees. ARCSE may enjoy more support on that end – like systematically informing prospective retirees about our association. That is probably the best prospect for increasing membership. I have been informed that most NRCS retirees are not aware of ARCSE.

In the near future, you will be able to enjoy an ARCSE Facebook page designed to enhance communications and information flow. This was made possible by hiring a summer SWCS intern, Jordyn Rodriquez, who has excellent computer skills. Her salary was paid primarily by generous special ARCSE donations.

My primary goals include increasing membership numbers and continuing to develop synergism between ARCSE and SWCS. Following my term in office, Julie McSwain, president elect, will do good things for ARCSE. So, I think ARCSE has a great future in store.


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