Kathy Woida

Kathy Woida was a geologist on Iowa’s staff for many years. I always enjoyed working with her. She is intelligent, competent at her job, a good writer, and a good friend. After she retired, she put a lot of effort into writing a book about Iowa soils. It is now available on the University of Iowa Press website at the following address:https://www.uipress.uiowa.edu/books/9781609387501/iowas-remarkable-soils
The book is titled Iowa’s Remarkable Soils–The Story of Our Most Vital Resource and How We Can Save It, by Kathleen Woida. The UI Press website states, “This is a remarkable book. Woida’s knowledge of, reverence for, and joy in soils infuses each page. With friendly scientific authority, she seamlessly connects the natural history of the landscape with its human history.”
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