National NRCS Hiring Video

The information below was sent out recently by NRCS Chief Cosby to ALL NRCS employees. Note the content below:

“One of my priorities is to cultivate a complete and diverse workforce that has the right tools, technologies, and training to achieve our mission. We are employing strategic recruitment and hiring practices to support this priority, one of which I am proud to share with you today.

The NRCS Hiring Task Force’s Marketing Team has developed a national hiring video that highlights five of the agency’s key positions and features diverse producers, landscapes, and conservation practices. In this video, they focus on how our employees ‘help people help the land.’ I hope that seeing it fills you with a sense of pride like it did me. I encourage you to watch it at:

Thank you to all the staff who participated in the development of this video. You did a great job showcasing the many opportunities we have available and why work in conservation is so fulfilling!

NRCS leadership believes that the best way to secure our agency’s future is to build relationships of trust and respect at all levels of the organization, and that starts with each of you. We can all play a role in recruitment. Whether we’re encouraging colleagues to apply to NRCS vacancies or mentoring new staff, there are many opportunities for us to grow a talented workforce and outpace attrition.

We recognize there are still many vacancies to be filled across the country, and hope that you can make use of this video along with the current recruitment products that are being implemented at the national and state level.

Thank you for your partnership in growing our NRCS team. We greatly value the time you take to foster outreach and engage your networks locally.”

Terry J. Cosby, Chief

Natural Resources Conservation Service

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