Annual Meeting

The 2022 Annual Meeting will be July 31 – August 3, 2022 in Denver, Colorado together with the Annual SWCS meeting.



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Annual ARCSE Luncheon

MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 2022; 11:00 am – 1:30 pm (MTN)

The Hall of Fame Room
1881 Curtis Street
Denver, CO 80202

ARCSE members and guests are cordially invited to attend the ARCSE Annual meeting. The cost of the luncheon is $65. (tax and gratuity included).

Ritz-Carlton – The Hall of Fame Room

11:00 am – 11:30 am Social gathering
11:30 am Members and guests order food from the menu. (Gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups, and dessert).
12:15 – 2:00 pm ARCSE Program (see below)

NRCS Chief Cosby and Clint Evans, Colorado State Conservationist have been invited to speak.

Registration deadline – Monday, July 25, 2022.

Questions: please contact Arnold King (817)-578-8177

Please make the check payable to ARCSE and send to:

PO Box 8965
Moscow, ID 83843


Lunch Fee-$65 x ____# of guests = total enclosed___________________________________

Name(s) ____________________________________________________________________

Phone number _____________   Email_____________________


Tentative Agenda
Association of Retired Conservation Service Employees (ARCSE) Luncheon
Elway’s at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Denver
August 1st, 2022

11:00 to 11:30 Social Time
11:30 Members and Guests are seated and order meal
Invocation                                                                      Earl Norton 
Opening Comments/Board/Guest Recognition       Arnold King 
In Memorium                                                                 Paul Benedict 
Membership Report                                                      Paul Benedict
Remarks from the SWCS CEO                                    Clare Lindahl\Dale Threatt
Conservation In Colorado                                           Clint Evans, STC, Colorado 
NRCS National Perspective                                         Terry Cosby, Chief NRCS 
ARCSE Awards Presentation                                       Julie McSwain
Closing Comments                                                         Arnold King


2021 Minutes:  ARCSE 2021 Board Meeting, July 26, 2021

Board/Advisory Members:  Arnold King, Cheryl Simmons, Julie MacSwain, Melvin Womack, Becky Fletcher, Bill Ward, Bill Kuenstler, Jerry Bernard, David Buland, Paul Benedict, Marc Safley, Donna Beggs, Jack Carlson

President Arnold King called the Zoom meeting to order at 11:30 am EDT.  All Board members were present.

Previous Board Meeting Minutes Review/Approval

Jack previously circulated the minutes of the July 26, 2021 Board Meeting for review. Bill W. moved, Bill K. seconded, and board members unanimously approved the minutes. 

Treasurer’s Report

Donna reviewed the attached Treasurer’s report with those present.  She noted a 6-month CD had matured and interest rates will still low.  Bill K. moved and Bill W. seconded a motion to put the funds into subsequent 6-month CD.  The board unanimously approved.

Old Business

Budget Committee Report (Arnold)

Arnold summarized discussion and email exchange since the last board meeting among he, Donna, Cheryl, Julie, Paul, Dave, Jerry, and Jack.  The outcome is reflected in the attached 2022 planning budget.  The primary budget need is finding/raising funds to cover travel costs for the annual board meeting which will be held in-person in Denver next summer.  It was noted these costs would not be incurred until after the end of this fiscal year.

Facebook Site (Julie)

Julie indicated she, Becky and Cheryl met with Jordyn to go over the site and its management, including a user manual for ARCSE to use.  An issue with Flickr needs fixing.  Julie will adverstise promoting Throwback Thursdays in the next newsletter for posting conservation-related photos sent from ARCSE membership on the Facebook site.  Dave asked whether a membership tab would be possible on the Facebook site.  Julie said she would check.

ARCSE Website (Dave)

Members (and the public) can access the new ARCSE website at  Dave indicated there are a few more transition steps to complete, including getting PayPal operational on the new site and updating some content.  Dave and Donna will coordinate resolving the PayPal hookup.  

SWCS MOU Status (Julie)

Julie, Cheryl, Paul, and Jack met conferenced with Erica Crady on August 30th.  The MOU ends late November, but SWCS will make an ARCSE related Facebook posting in December and another writeup in Conservogram.  The ARCSE banner used at the SWCS conferernce needs updating, and Erica provided the source they use for SWCS banners.  Discussion expected after the holidays early next year to decide on continued support for internship.  Supporting internship next year would also include booth space in the conference exhibit area for ARCSE.  The recent SWCS membership survey may influence collaboration opportunities going forward.

ARCSE Officer Elections (Cheryl)

Cheryl received 48 ballots (29 email, 19 mail) by the August 15th due date, all unanimous for Julie as president-elect, and incumbents Melvin, Becky, Bill K., and Bill W. as region vice-presidents. 

2022 Budget (Arnold)

After brief discussion, Bill W. moved and Julie seconded a motion to approve the 2020 budget (attached) as presented.  Board vote to approve was unanimous.

New Business

Hiring Strategy Task Force – Marketing Team (Julie)

Julie currently serves as an Earth Team volunteer in Wisconsin working with the NRCS hiring task force marketing team, co-chaired by the Rhode Island and Illinois state conservationists.  The team would like to have NRCS retirees involved in this effort, with opportunities through Earth Team, ACES, and particularly as mentors.  Julie will keep us posted as this develops.

Membership (Paul)

Paul indicated per ARCSE operating procedures that new associate members are not eligible for the complimentary first year benefit.  This may disincentivize conservation service employees joining before they retire, then neglecting to join after they retire despite the free first year.  Cheryl moved and Melvin seconded a motion to amend the operating procedures to extend the free first year benefit to associate members, effective immediately.  The board approved the motion unanimously.  Jack will update the operating procedures (with change history) and provide to Dave for posting to the ARCSE web site.

ARCSE Financial Review (Jack)

The last review of ARCSE financial records was completed November, 2008 (attached).  On September 13, 2019 the Board accepted financial records from out-going Secretary-Treasurer Ron Marlow.  At Arnold’s request, Jack and Melvin volunteered to work with Donna to establish procedures for periodic reviews of ARCSE financial records going forward.  

Round Robin Reports

East Region (Melvin)

Melvin noted no reports from states/members in the East having damaging impacts from the recent hurricanes/storms, but hadn’t yet heard from New York or New Jersey.  In-person ARCSE get-togethers starting to resume.  Schools and covid currently a challenge.

South Region (Bill K.)

Bill reported considerable rain from the Ida and Mindy storms, in addition to Louisiana hit hard by Ida.  Covid currently a mess in the region, schools a challenge.  Lost a few turtle nests, but not unexpected with these storms.

Midwest Region (Becky)

Becky touched base with some of the state representatives, reporting some in-person retireee meetings are occurring, but some cancelling and resuming Zoom conferences.   She sent a note to state representatives highlighting the new Facebook page, internship, and SWCS MOU.  She will have heart surgery in mid-October and may miss the next Board meeting.  Board members wished her well and a speedy recovery.

West Region (Bill W.)

Bill indicated the western states were coping with fire and smoke, and knew friends who lost cabins and homes.  Not many in-person gatherings at present.  California retirees continuing their Zoom meetings.  Bill and his band will play in front of real people in October after a year and half.  Schools and covid a big issue as in the other regions.

Editor (Jerry)

Next newletter deadline is October 25th.

Chronicler (Marc)

Marc is working a few newsletters ahead preparing chronicles ahead of leg surgery in mid-October which has a 6 weeks to 3 month recovery window.  Board members wished him well and a spreedy recovery.  Marc recommended the Senior Conservationist Questionnaire be easily accessible from the new website and noted there is a dearth of Senior Conservationists from the west region.   Paul noted date-of-birth often is blank on membership forms, constraining recognition when members reach 83 years of age.

Next Board Meeting

Jack (as Zoom convener) indicated he has a conflict with Friday November 12, and Board members agreed to meet 11:30am ET on Wednesday, November 10th.

Respectively Submitted,
Jack Carlson, ARCSE Secretary