From the President

From Arnold King

Emphasis on environmental concerns seem to increase regardless of efforts by NRCS and other action agencies and groups. NACD and a coalition of leading conservation groups recently delivered a letter to Congress urging them to support conservation programs and technical assistance. My point
is the old saying “conservation doesn’t cost – it pays” is still as relevant now as it was fifty years ago, and Congress knows it. Because of this, we will continue to have a good supply of retirees to join and support ARCSE. Our challenge is to make them aware of the organization and give them reason to join. There are a couple of excellent books (historical perspectives) now available that you might be interested in reading.

Tom Christensen, NRCS deputy chief, retired, recently released the executive summary of a book he has been commissioned to write for NACD. His book emphasizes how NRCS delivers conservation programs at the grass roots level. Click on the link for a review of the book.
And Larry Butler, retired Texas State Conservationist, recently completed his book containing stories of people and circumstances that influenced his life and his dedication to conservation. Larry’s book is available at

The job of filling positions on the ARCSE board and support members is a never-ending process. David Buland has worked diligently to redesign and update the ARCSE website. His work is greatly appreciated, but feels he needs to resign and turn his job over to someone else. So, we are looking for someone with those
highly specialized skills to fill his shoes as webmaster.

We will soon be in full swing to make plans for the annual board meeting to be held in concert with the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) meeting at Denver during the first week of August.