Member Benefits

ARCSE offers many kinds of fun gatherings throughout the U.S. and throughout the year. We enjoyed our agency while working and we still treasure each other! From individual contacts and visits to events and meals as a group, we keep relationships and find new friends.

The ARCSE bimonthly newsletter also keeps you up to date on what’s happening in Washington, DC, and in every state. We also alert you to any legislation and programs that affect Federal retirees. An annual luncheon each summer is a highlight event that may be held in an area of the U.S. or Canada where YOU will enjoy visiting. The latest Newsletter is only available with membership.

ARCSE helps its members keep up to date with each other and with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, its progress and its partners. Events planned by ARCSE representatives are a strong and active part of our network.

Our great “Senior Conservationists” program highlights the career and life
accomplishments of hundreds of our members and others who are 83 years of age or more.

We invite YOU to be part of our enjoyable network!

Member Levels

Level Cost
Member $18/year
Life (One-time payment) Age 64 or younger$250
Life (One-time payment) Age 65 thru 74$200
Life (One-time payment) Age 75 or older $125

ARCSE Complimentary membership

 – When you have retiree social functions or any other time that you see new retirees from NRCS, be sure to remind them that they are eligible for a one-year complimentary membership in ARCSE if they have not previously been a member. All that is required is that they submit a membership application. This one-year complimentary membership includes receiving the bimonthly electronic newsletter.

Donations to ARCSE

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