Membership Report

November 2022

Paul Benedict, Membership Chair

New Life Members

John S. Moore – Springfield, Virginia

Craig Derickson – Lincoln, Nebraska

New Members

David Williams – Salem, Missouri

Wendy Williams – Belgrade, Montana

Membership Dues

ARCSE Complimentary Affiliate membership Now Available to Current NRCS Employees – The ARCSE Officers and Representatives have recently voted to allow current NRCS employees to receive a first year complimentary Affiliate
Membership. After the first year, membership dues are $18 per year. Affiliate Members who are NRCS employees become voting Members upon retirement. Information is available here:

For your convenience ARCSE annual dues and hard copy fees can be paid by credit card:
You still can pay by check as in the past. Mail checks to: ARCSE, PO Box 8965, Moscow, ID 83843

ARCSE Recruitment, by Julie MacSwain, ARCSE President-Elect

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since I retired from USDA-NRCS in Portland, OR.  Looking back on this, I am very thankful that Dana Dukes York, Retired Associate Chief for NRCS, reminded me about the Association of Retired Conservation Service Employees (ARCSE).  She told me that this would be a good organization to join after retiring from NRCS. Ms. York was absolutely right!

Since joining, I became the ARCSE President-Elect and have found other ways to get involved with ARCSE; for example, serving as the Administrator for ARCSE’s Facebook site; writing articles for the newsletter, and serving as a member on the Recruitment, Hiring, and Strategy for NRCS.

If you know of someone who’s retiring in the near future, think about reaching out. New members bring new ideas, and it’s a way for us retirees to connect with like-minded conservationists. Thank you! –Julie