Our History

Since ARCSE was founded in 1974, we have enjoyed the collective heritage and participation of thousands of resource conservation professionals and support staff — reaching all the way back to the 1930’s founding of the Soil Conservation Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps, and forward to the cutting edge of today’s programs.

ARCSE members are together to celebrate that continuity and diversity. We remain committed to the future of resource conservation and to the people who make it happen. We feel blessed to have worked for an agency in which people truly care about each other, and where friends continue to stay in touch as the years pass.

ARCSE helps its members keep up to date with each other and with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, its progress and its partners, including SWCS. Events planned by ARCSE representatives are a strong and active part of our network.

Our great “Senior Conservationists” program highlights the career and life accomplishments of hundreds of our members and others who are 83 years of age or more.

We invite YOU to be part of our enjoyable network!

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