Senior Conservationists

We salute our Senior Conservationists for building and maintaining a very strong agency. Their legacy continues on the land and in the people they continue to serve.

How can I qualify?

Any retiree who served in SCS or NRCS and who meets these criteria will be named a Senior Conservationist:

            ●  Must have served in the SCS or NRCS and be at least 83 years of age.

            ●  Must complete and submit the Senior Conservationist Questionnaire.

            Note: Retiree does not have to be a member of ARCSE to qualify.

For a list of current Senior Conservationists, click here

For a list of deceased Senior Conservationists, click here

Every Newsletter has a Senior Chronicles section highlighting the Live of a Senior Conservation. The Senior Chronicles are available below.

The Latest Senior Conservationist Chronicle

James Abbott was born in 1924 on a farm in the Bradshaw community near Abilene, Texas as one of seven children. James has three brothers and three sisters. One of his brothers, Everett, was a long-time SCS/NRCS employee.

James graduated from Bradshaw High School in 1942 and joined the Marines soon after graduation. James was placed in a parachute battery where he served in 1942 and 1943. After James’ military duty he attended Texas Technological College (Texas Tech University) where he graduated with a BS degree in 1947and a MS degree in Soil Science 1948.

Following graduation, James started to work for the USDA Soil Conservation Service (SCS). The SCS sent James to four different universities for more training. James worked as a soil scientist in Lamesa, Texas and Littlefield, Texas prior to becoming the Area Conservationist at Lubbock, Texas.

On December 23, 1945, James married Euna Hart in Lubbock, Texas. James lost Euna November 15, 2015. James and Euna were blessed to have three daughters born to their marriage.

In 1961 James was promoted to Assistant State Conservationist stationed at the state office in Temple, Texas. James served in several positions in the SCS/NRCS Texas State Office until he retired in 1994.

James started playing golf when he was about forty years old and was a very good golfer. James has not played golf recently. Jim will be 98 years old in October, and It may be time to retire his golf clubs.