Senior Conservationists

We salute our Senior Conservationists for building and maintaining a very strong agency. Their legacy continues on the land and in the people they continue to serve.

How can I qualify?

Any retiree who served in SCS or NRCS and who meets these criteria will be named a Senior Conservationist:

            ●  Must have served in the SCS or NRCS and be at least 83 years of age.

            ●  Must complete and submit the Senior Conservationist Questionnaire.

            Note: Retiree does not have to be a member of ARCSE to qualify.

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Every Newsletter has a Senior Chronicles section highlighting the Live of a Senior Conservation. The Senior Chronicles are available below.

The Latest Senior Conservationist Chronicle

Senior Conservationist Ronald C. Page

Senior Conservationist Ronald C. Page was born November 22nd, 1939, in Paterson, NJ, graduated from the Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ, received a BA in geology from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, and an MS in geology from West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. In 1961 he married his college sweetheart Lois Mecum.

Ron’s began his career as a geologist in Harrisburg, PA, on the Susquehanna River Basin staff in 1963. Moving to Syracuse, NY, he continued his career in geology on the Watershed Planning staff and then to Somerset, New Jersey. From there he became the Watershed/River Basin staff leader in Lansing, MI, an Assistant State Conservationist for Watersheds in Athens, GA.

In 1980 he accepted a position on the Watershed Planning Staff at Headquarters where he remained until his retirement in 2001. Primary responsibilities included the keeping the watershed planning manual up-to-date, Coordinator of the RC&D program and finally as the EWP coordinator.

As a graduate student at WVU, Ron held a part-time lab assistant position with the WVU Geological Survey while compiling a geologic map of the Martinsburg, WV quadrangle which was published in 1965. He was also known for establishing a combined Watershed Plan and Environmental Impact Statement into one document in 1972.

Since retiring, Ron and Lois have remained in the Northern Virginia area where they are active in their church as choir members and elders. Otherwise, they can be found on the golf course, traveling, and volunteering. The family has increased to include three daughters, seven grandchildren, and one great granddaughter.

–1995 to present, Marion Soil and Water Conservation District Associate Director and Professional Engineer Volunteer.